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July 15, 2008


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Hello Rebecca,

I am so glad I found your site. I was overwhelmed with Laylita's amazing Ecquadorian food blog only to come across your wonderful effort about Argentina. I recently started blogging on food and I am in the middle of writing a post about my experiences discovering empanadas in Buenos Aires. How funny to come across your site. I'll absolutely be back to visit and may take a stab at entering the empanada of the month contest. Great Blog!



Having never eaten empanadas (shocking!) I stare wistfully at them all over the place (and in the pages of the new spanish table...) One of these days I mean to take the plunge and it can't be any more time consuming than making perogies.. I ask this:

What sauce/dip etc typically accompanies, if any?

Those look delicious! Here via MattBites...

Those look absolutely wonderful!

Those look absolutely wonderful!

Nice blog...My husband and I love empanadas; so now I have to take him to Argentina to savor "the real deal" and get to know my culture. Thank you for sharing your tasty recipes.

Gorgeous photo, lovely sounding empanadas too.

Now that I've discovered discos, I'm definitely going to try this empanada filling. Looking forward to more recipes from "the early days" -- what a great idea to collect them in a cookbook.

Gorgeous empanadas! I'm falling in love with them as I look at them. . .

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