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March 27, 2009


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Oh, I had the same problem! I tried several times but kept getting the error too... I only wanted to comment that everything sounded delicious and wished that you had posted a picture of the gnocchi! But this street vendors food looks delicious too

i fear you'll have to change the title of your posting about the ñoquis, the ñ is preventing comments to be posted as i'm getting a "page not found error" when i click on "comments".


PS: selling food at the gas station or while people are queuing at the toll station in the motorways is also very common in Mexico. I remember buying some excellent homemade bread (pan de nata) on the way back from Michoacan, almost two years ago.

I like that quote. A wonderful way to travel.


These are the type of travel experiences to treasure, the small moments, the one-on-one contact, and, yes, the food. Lovely story.

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