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April 16, 2009


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Thanks for sharing your mate. I miss this custom so much.

May I have a little sugar in mine? ;-)

I found your website while searching for a recipie for pasta frolla, and what memories it brought back to me. I remember my father having mate on our porch and sharing stories. My grandmother baking her wonderful pasta frolla. I have not been back to Argentina in over 44 years. Thank you again for your excellent website and for awakening such wonderful memories of my childhood.

Me encanta mate cocido con leche! And it's so true. Like you, one thing I love about Argentina is how the culture allows you to "stop and smell the roses". Thank heavens for the siesta! I remember coming home from Argentina after living there for 1.5 years and thinking "Why are there tons of people in the street at 1pm? Don't they know about the siesta?!" Alas, I have fallen back into rush mode. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the small moments in life admist the craziness :)

Ever since you first wrote about this (with the great video), I've been looking for yerba mate in the local markets. Most recently I found this on the shelf in my Middle Eastern grocery store. Imagine my surprise! I've found it at the Latino markets also, and in one case it was in the Spanish foods section of the regular grocery store.

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