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May 19, 2009


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interesting to see red wine used in the sauce.....the picture seems to have a clear liquid oozing from the parsley. you don't see too many with red wine in the recipe. is that common?

All I can say is wow.

As one who actually partook of the fruits of this recipe, I can vouch for just how fantastic it is. Rebecca's chimichurri is a bit tarter than the average—and that much more addictive.

Hi Rebecca! So happy to come across your blog today. My boyfriend is from Argentina, and we have been living in Argentina for almost a year now. I have completely fallen in love with Buenos Aires and am always on the search for good recipes. I am looking to make medialunas as delicious as those in the corner bakery to be able to make for my family in the U.S.

there is a whole new world when it comes to salt!
Until not much time ago i thought in the end it was much ado about NaCl, but that's not fully true because salt comes from very different places and may contain traces of rare minerals giving an entirely different color and or flavor.
Search on the web for "black lava salt", "red hawaiian salt", "persian blue salt", "smoked viking salt", "guerande salt", "murray river salt", "himalayan salt" just to name a few off the top of my mind.


exelente! el chimichurri lo usamos para varios tipos de asados,!muy rico! todo muy bueno, Florencia,

I didn't realize there is special salt for barbecue. I'm going to search for it. Do you know of any online sources?

the ribs look delicious.
Also in Italy it's rare to season the meat with anything else than olive oil and herbs.
One of my favorite "chimichurri" contains crushed garlic (discarded before dressing the meat), pepper, rosemary, sage, crushed juniper berries, salt.
When i am in the mood for a mexican barbecue, i season the meat with achiote paste, orange juice, lime juice and some oil.

Thank you for sharing!

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