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June 16, 2009


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Oh my gosh...
I have a feeling that your Agustina was our guide when we were in Buenos Aires the end of April this year. She was wonderful, and she was the guide for the River Delta / Victoria Ocampo home / lunch tour. There were only 5 of us tourists, and she was our guide. It was an all day event, and at the end, we just loved her!
I'm going to try and link a picture here of her from my Facebook page.
I love your blog...so many memories come to mind. Food, wine, Tango, the Buenos Aires Zoo, cats, dog walkers, the people were wonderful, all the tourist haunts...did I say food and wine? lol
My son just got back from 6 weeks of visiting his girlfriend who is currently living there and studying dance.
What a beautiful country.
Cindy H

details like hand written labeling is awesome and makes trips like this so well worth it!

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