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July 07, 2009


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I see someone else from San Francisco beat me to the post (not surprising, since this has been up for more than a year). I'm a tour guide in the City and I love trying to get tourists and my friends from out of town to try Fernet. Maybe I will have better luck with the help of Coca-Cola!

there's also a diferent drink with mint fernet and fanta, also delicious!

I am just back from Argentina and I loved the Fernet-Coke (and all the other things we ate and drunk, i.e. the fantastic wine).

Thank you so much for writing this blog, it's amazing.


Boy are you coming to the right town. Did you know more than 50% of the Fernet consumed in the US is drank right here in San Francisco? It's the local chefs' drink, and therefore has taken on a certain cachet over the years. Several of the better cocktail establishments hereabouts make concoctions with it.

Even if I don't like the mix myself, I loved reading this entry about Fernet & Coke, for it's in a way, a symbol of present-day Córdoba, I think, and I am very far away! I might even give it another try, just to have something that reminds me of my city.

I must try this one, i didn't know Fernet Branca was so popular abroad!


Very cool. Never tasted this before.


We often drink Fernet and soda--good as an aperitif or after dinner (when you've overeaten!).

And long ago I made some Fernet fondant and dipped them in chocolate. I'll have to try that again--a digestive candy...

very nice article Rebe!

rico, espumante y alegre,,, un saludo desde Bowen Mendoza. R. Argentina Florencia.

The first time I tried Fernet con Coca, it tasted like mouthwash to me. However, after giving it several goes, I love it. Definitely an acquired taste.

Oh, I have never tried Fernet & Coke, I usually have it with coffee.... will give it a try, thanks a lot for your info.

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