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January 19, 2010


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question - Should you use 1/2 of a stick (1/4 cup, 2 oz) or 4 oz (1 stick) in the recipe.


You hit the nail on the head here, fresh sugary pastries like churros are nothing like the bad ones you get, especially when crispness in a sweet dough is short lived. We have something very similar back in Porgual but they're larger called 'Sonhos'not to be confused with the Brazilian version which is not the same, they're filled with cream and the Portuguese ones are like the churros hollow.

Churros are popular in Colombia. I love them with hot chocolate.

I buy my churros on the streets of Washington Heights in New York. There's a lady who makes them deliciously well and her daughter sells them in front of the subway station. I always wanted to know how to make them and now I can attempt to make them with your recipe. Thanks.

By the way, that Mark Twain quote is one of my favorites. I have it up on my wall.

Paz (excited to have a chance to make churros)

I remember those churros from high school. They were in one of those hot boxes with the revolving stand in the middle. Definitely not good eats.

I love the churros here in Argentina though - especially the ones filled with dulce de leche.

bueno Rebe: alguien te escribiò en español, les comento a las dos, la masa que sè hacer tampoco lleva huevos,si mitad de agua mitad de leche, creo que las variantes son muy buenas, Florencia desde Bowen Mza.

I've even had this on my last trip to Cuba and they are as delicious as always.

Los churros en España no llevan huevo entre sus ingredientes. Son hechos con una masa de agua y harina unicamente. Estos que has preparado tienen un aspecto delicioso, pero por lo que veo, es más una pasta choux frita. Si quieres ver los que preparo yo, los tengo en mi blog www.lacocinadelechuza.com
un saludo

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