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June 30, 2011


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I'm Argentina.... Love your blog... will be trying some of your recipes myself!

These look wonderful and totally worth the time. I agree, things seem to taste even better when you know you've put in so much effort to make them.

I'm going to be making this recipe (or a variation) this weekend and am wondering what your experience has been with reheating them. I'm taking them to a party and would like to bring them either refrigerated or at room temperature and then given them a quick heat once I arrive. Microwave or oven?

These look delicious. I love the combination of piquillo peppers and corn.

I totally feel your pain when it comes to grating corn on the box grater! My recipe for humita en olla calls for 15 grated ears of corn. It's so much work, but the result is worth it! Your empanadas look super tasty.

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